Performance with Balance is a Daily Habit


Here's how to manage your energy every day.

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Standing Breathwork

Wimhoff-DMT Breathwork

Gratitude Journaling

Eat a Healthy Lunch and Connect with People

A simple, welcoming starter exercise as you ZOOM in

High intensity, but light physical fitness to warm up and ramp up your energy

Restore mindfulness, intention and motivation

Full Body Renewal in 2 Minutes

Deeper Full Systemic Recycling, Renewal and Relaxation

Reconnecting to Gratitude, Happiness, Confidence and Intention

Deepen your relationships with your lover, a friend, a family member or...

Great Way to Get Started

Cardio/Muscular Reenergizing

An Inspiring Quote for Your Day

Oxygenate Your Whole Body

Oxygenate Your Brain & Relax

Gratitude Awareness

...Make New Friends for Life!

If you choose to be included, you'll receive a calendar invitation for approximately one month of sessions in advance,

which will renew regularly. You can decline any invitation and attend at will - there is no additional cost or obligation.

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james riina

managing director,

keller williams real estate

It was very energizing and worthwhile!

Jonathan is a great guy to have lunch with. Reenergizing with him every day had a very positive impact on my week.

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