Career Coaching Success Stories

Here's what our satisfied leadership and career coaching clients have to say!

Bill ruggiero

finance executive, goya foods

leadership and executive coaching client

"Very compelling and interactive sessions"

Jonathan Flaks has provided insightful coaching for me in my career planning and job search as well as invaluable leadership counsel in the first several months after I landed my position. Jonathan helped me view situations and opportunities from a creative perspective. He has a unique style that goes beyond the typical “by the book” practices and offers very compelling and interactive sessions in bringing out the best in his clients. I would highly recommend him for personal and business engagements.

britta ostermeyer, professor and chairperson, university of oklahoma

career coaching client

"He helped me analyze high-level challenges."

Jonathan’s coaching helped me analyze some high-level challenges in a balanced manner and create a strategically sound plan. The outcome incorporated the core values and goals of my leadership development that we agreed needed to be respected. I appreciate that he was readily available, flexible, and at all times helpful. I’m most grateful for having developed an unwavering capability to be a source of harmony in my workplace and the world.

jason murphy management company cfo, riverside company private equity

executive coaching client

"Thank you for what you have contributed to my career."

You have helped me see my work, my value, and my approach to people in a new, constructive light. I’m now calmer, more confident, and everyone seems to be getting along much better…Thank you for what you have contributed to my career and for how you have been a champion of the firm’s culture for me and my team.

jon kinderlerer

managing director, credit suisse

leadership coaching client

"Jonathan was instrumental."

Jonathan was instrumental in helping me get to the next stage of my career.

michelle kahme

VP of human resources, BMG Entertainment

executive coaching client

"A terrific executive coach."

Jonathan Flaks is a terrific executive coach…His talents span a variety of areas. I recommend him strongly because of the positive results we’ve had here with the individual executives he has coached. And personally, it’s really enjoyable to speak with him…A conversation with him will get you thinking.

jodi epstein hoellger

public affairs specialist

career coaching client

"He provided me with the practical tools to be successful."

Jonathan is a great career coach. His strategies are innovative and he caters to your individual needs. He built my confidence during a time of transition and provided me with practical tools to be successful in the workplace and on the job hunt.

paul duncan

production supervisor

career coaching client

"Jonathan's coaching has added value to my career search."

Jonathan has an insightful way of guiding me through the career transition. I was very impressed with the resume that he helped me to construct (both with the design and the wordsmithing). He has a clear step-by-step process that is challenging but focuses on all of the correct aspects of landing the new job. I certainly feel that Jonathan's coaching has added value to my career search.

steven semaya

CEO | COO | Business Developer

leadership and executive coaching client

"I secured multiple offers as a result of the conversations we had."

Working with Jonathan is wonderful., both one-on-one, through the Resume Building service and in his Being The One "Group Camp" Program. Jonathan’s helped me to be more insightful and effective, and I secured multiple offers as a result of the conversations we had about networking and interviews. Jonathan has a creative, positive approach that is energizing and I look forward to continuing our relationship for a long time.

Kristen Hyland

public relations consultant

career coaching client

"His mentoring helped me hone in on what I want out of my career."

Jonathan is a terrific coach with a creative approach. His mentoring and guidance helped me hone in on what I want out of my career and sharpen a unique skillset to better help businesses in times of transition.

Luke Oliver

Managing director & head of strategy

leadership coaching client

"Jonathan's approach turns problems into manageable challenges."

Jonathan is enthusiastic and candid in working through the coaching process. His approach turns seemingly insurmountable problems into manageable challenges. I’ve had the benefit of working with Jonathan on various matters that have allowed me to understand the motivations involved and act positively. It’s a highly recommended experience.

catherine moliter

sales and marketing consultant

career coaching client

"His guidance was invaluable."

Jonathan has been a huge help to me with my job search. His guidance was invaluable in regard to rewriting my resume and suggesting creative ways for me to seek new work. Additionally, I’d love to nickname him “The Connector” as there were so many people he has introduced me to over the past few weeks who have already been introducing me to others! It all started with Jonathan's coaching and guidance. Thank you, Jonathan!

Dan Broden


president, broden communications

leadership and executive coaching client

"Jonathan is a dynamic, insightful, and inspirational coach."

Jonathan is a dynamic, insightful, and inspirational coach. He has a genuine and unbridled enthusiasm plus an uncanny ability to turn negatives into positives. During our work together, I often found myself amazed that he was able to help me turn what I believed to be a dead-end into a great opportunity.

I came to Jonathan because the notion of marketing myself was a relatively new one for me. Before starting my business over six years ago, I rarely needed to get “out there” and drum up business on my own. His efforts have helped me do just that and become even more well-known and recognized as an expert in my field.

Anyone looking for a caring, personable, and passionate business partner to help them navigate the treacherous waters of the small business world could do no better than go directly to Jonathan Flaks.

carey lance hollander

business development manager

leadership coaching client

"As a result of our conversations, I have seen clear improvement."

Over the past few months, Jonathan and I have been sharing our tasks and action steps in order to achieve our goals / improve successful outcomes. As a result of our conversations, I have seen a clear improvement in production and achievement. As a result of implementing recommendations and suggestions from Jonathan, I have seen my production increase from 4 loan applications a month to 6 applications per month. I have also increased my success rate in uncovering potential new hire candidates.

Jonathan recommended that I use specific self-affirmations geared towards recruitment and this has resulted in hiring 2 qualified individuals over the past 2 months. I am very thankful and appreciative of Jonathan's knowledge and insights. Jonathan is a talented Business Coach and I can easily recommend his services to all who desire to improve their business.

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