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Meet Jonathan

Executive career coaching expert

Hi, I’m Jonathan Flaks, a 24-year veteran of the Career and Leadership Coaching industry. My life’s purpose is to help my clients develop career success and satisfaction as well as personal happiness, in balance.

I value having a foundation of honesty and integrity, and I strongly believe that life should have a healthy mix of peace and love, adventure and fun, vitality and prosperity.

I am a pioneer and an expert in the executive career coaching profession and am committed to outstanding career success and satisfaction for all. Since 1998 I’ve helped hundreds of people enhance leadership and communication to confidently get results and get hired.

With a 30-year business background, I have worked with people from a wide array of companies including Disney, Sony/BMG Entertainment, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Goya Foods, The Riverside Company, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, IBM, LEGO, the United Nations and many others.

My team and I are dedicated to having you BE THE ONE absolute best candidate for the job you’ll love. We foster great relationships and are champions for you getting the recognition you deserve.

Your outstanding career success and satisfaction is our business.

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