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This is more than a simple checklist - it's full of strategies designed to help you stand out as the best candidate for the job you'll love!

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The job market is competitive. You don't have to navigate it alone, though! From updating your resume and LinkedIn profile to developing a career transition strategy, our team will equip you with the resources and confidence you need to find a job you'll love - and the compensation you deserve.

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Whether you are already in the C-Suite or are on your way there, you need a coach that can help you determine your strategy and grow your leadership presence.

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With courses, resources, and high level networking opportunities, The Career Leadership Team has opportunities tailored to your needs.

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Don't just take our word for it - look at the transformation our clients have experienced!

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managing director, keller williams

A strategic, dependable advisor.

“My relationship with Jonathan has guided me to my dream job and an improved life. If you have the opportunity to work with Jonathan, you’ll quickly realize the value of having a dependable, strategic advisor.”

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Hi, I’m Jonathan Flaks, a 22-year veteran of the Career and Leadership Coaching industry.

My life’s purpose is to help my clients develop career success and satisfaction as well as personal happiness, in balance.

I value honesty and integrity, and I strongly believe that life should have a healthy balance of peace and love, adventure and fun, vitality and prosperity.

I am also a family man, a musician, an avid sailor, and an athlete. You can discover more about me below – and if you would like to explore how I can help you find the position that fulfills you, click the button below to schedule a complementary sample session!

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