Introduction to

How to be the Absolute Best Candidate for a Job you Love

Without the Typical Torture, Delay, and Frustration.

Join us for this one-hour virtual session as we discuss effective strategies for:

  • DEBUNKING MYTHS about the career transition and job search process.

  • Exploring TIME MANAGEMENT and what it takes to make a career move while you're already managing multiple priorities.

  • CONNECTING with a Career Transition Team - support to land more job offers and not feel so alone in the process.


In order to reserve your participation at no cost, we ask for a $20 deposit per attendee, which will be FULLY REFUNDED to you if you log into the webinar on time (within reason) and stay through the end.

Instructions for your refund will be provided during the webinar. Of course, exceptions will be made and your deposit will be returned if you're thwarted by a health-related emergency.  Weโ€™re human, too! ๐Ÿ˜‡

Monday, Aug. 28 at 5:30 PM ET

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About The Speaker

Jonathan Flaks is a pioneer and an expert in the executive career coaching profession and is committed to outstanding career success and satisfaction for all. Since 1998 heโ€™s helped hundreds of people enhance leadership and communication to confidently get results and get hired.

His clients come from industries including finance and private equity, real estate, and construction management as well as media, entertainment, and marketing. With a 30-year business background, Jonathan has worked with people from a wide array of companies including Disney, Sony/BMG Entertainment, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Goya Foods, The Riverside Company, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, IBM, LEGO, the United Nations, and many others.

In a sea of 50,000 career coaches worldwide, Jonathan was one of the first 500 to earn the Master Certified Coach (M.C.C.) credential, the highest in the coaching profession, from the International Coach Federation. He has a dual degree from Cornell University and has taught leadership and coaching skills at New York University.

He authored โ€œIncome Double โ€“ Half the Troubleโ€ and created the audio program โ€œWho Are You, Inc., Bringing Out Your Best In Business.โ€

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